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August 2023

Hello from Johnson Point Labradors,

It has been an exciting couple of years for us at JPL with over 80 litters resulting in close to 200  healthy and happy puppies that have gone onto their forever homes.All of our dogs are thriving in their new environment, however 2 of our Dams retired in 2022 - Cobalt who is enjoying her new family in Washington and Carbon who is enjoying life with her new family in Oregon.  We have aquired 2 new puppies - Myka and Jaz. Myka,  an adorable English chocolate labrador joined us from Idaho in April 2022 and Jaz, a spunky fox red labrador joined us from Arizona in March 2023.  Both new puppies have fit in perfectly with the other adults and are thriving here. Once they turn 2, Myka in Feb 2024 and Jaz in Jan 2025, we will begin breeding them. 

The doggie condos (adult dog barns) are completed and fully functional.  In our continuing efforts to provide a variety of stimulation for our puppies we have expanded the puppy yards to include a fenced in grass area for the puppies.  This allows the puppies more access to the outside while still maintaining a safe area to roam and play in.

Cindy & Georgette

     Our philosophy begins with the idea that any Labrador we breed should be one that our family would want to own. Our Labradors are first and foremost family dogs- equally at home in a living room or on our 2 + acre property.  Our dogs produce AKC registered chocolate, yellow, fox red, and black Labrador puppies.  We are located in Olympia, Washington-an hour south of Seattle and two hours north of Portland, Oregon. 

     We breed for temperament and strive for an equal blend of intelligence, loyalty, trainability and beauty.  Each litter is raised with a focus on socialization and pre-training. We strive to ensure our puppies adjust easily to any new environment and bring their new owners as much joy as they have brought to our family over the years. 




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The temperament of a Labrador puppy is formed through a combination of two factors. One is hereditary and is passed on from its parents.  The second factor is the way in which the dog was socialized from a young age. It has been our experience that a properly socialized dog is far more trainable, adaptable, and well balanced throughout its entire life. 



fox red lab puppy olympia

Working towards raising an exceptional dog begins the first time we handle them just after birth. Each pup is handled several times a day thereafter and become a part of our daily lives.  Our Lab puppies are raised with careful attention to their needs at each particular stage of development.  Each week brings new developmental stages and new opportunities to shape these puppies.  



akc puppies 98516

Besides ensuring that each puppy is vigorous and thriving, our principal focus is on socialization. Each additional experience that the litter becomes familiarized with is another step towards a well rounded companion.  We begin a socialization program at three days of age and strive to expose the puppies to diverse noises, machines, animals, visitors, and experiences.