Our mission is to produce the healthiest Labrador puppies possible. Our litters are extensively researched before breeding takes place.  Adults are not bred until they have been deemed to be healthy, free of genetic defect, and possessing balanced temperaments.  We are proud of the puppies we produce and eagerly await each litter.    


We cannot promise how many puppies, color or gender will be born in each litter. We build our confirmed pregnant Dam's litter list, moving clients from our current master wait list and communicate placements to the best of our abilities based on typical litter averages and prefer to under estimate slightly so that no one is disappointed. Mother nature cannot be controlled and sometimes we do end up with small litters or breedings that do not take.  Every effort is made to keep families informed every step of the way.

**Litter timelines are estimates, based on predictions of when females will come into heat.  Updated  June 29, 2024**




I have recently bred

Orchid & Cognac

confirmation late July 2024

chocolate & black puppies

(all puppies reserved for current waitlist clients)


(all puppies reserved for current waitlist clients)







(all puppies reserved for current waitlist clients)










Litters have been marked reserved based on our current waiting list and average litter sizes. Litters will be updated as the year progresses. 

     To be placed on the waiting list for a litter, please contact us or complete the waiting list form.

For pricing information, please visit the pricing page.  Information about adopting one of our puppies can be found on the adoption process page

Photographs of our current litter can be found here.  Photographs from previous litters can be found on the past lItters page. 

black labrador puppies for sale